Sunday, February 10, 2008


I'm already lost in Blogville.

Fourteen thousand nine hundred and thirty two

I'm here at 14,932. That puts me exactly 149.32 blocks from the temple--relatively close by world standards, but in reality as far away as I can get.

Calling it THE temple is easily understood by most people in Utah even if they aren't a member of THE church. And saying I'm at 14000 South gives people familiar with the Mormon grid a pretty good idea of where I stand.

Being this far away from the temple puts me squarely in suburbia in the reddest state in the West. This irony is not lost on me. Although for an imposter, I seem to fit in reasonably well. I've kept the fact that I live on an island away from most of my neighbors and many of my friends. The funny thing is, I fit in better here than I have anywhere for several years. Maybe it’s the thin air on the top of this mountain or that I’m making up this new life as I go. But it almost feels like my right place.

The wind is howling and the snow blowing furiously, but I’m warm and content here by my instant-gratification fireplace with Captain Casey, my terribly furry and lazy Maine Coon, at my feet.

And so I begin.

I don’t know what will unfold here, but I think I might have something to say. I hope that as I move along my purpose will get louder and my message clear. For now I have started–a very important first step.