Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Phoney Baloney

The Need Less, Give More experiment got a little disconnected today. And, it hasn't even been a month yet! Sigh.

I've been busily dialing up justifications in my head ever since. Let's see if you buy them.

My phone has been giving me stress for months now. I don't get cell service on the mountain, so I had to get a thing called "HotSpot at Home" to pick up service through the Wi-Fi instead of a tower. Turns out, it's not so hot, at least not with my little Nokia darling. I've been wrestling with T-Mobile for months trying to get my service to work right. It would randomly disconnect me, get greedy and not let me reconnect, stutter and pop, and secretly disconnect sometime during the night--every night. I have spent countless hours on the phone with snippy T-Mobile customer service people who never once returned my calls when they said they would. And all to no avail.

Then today I actually went in to a mall store to speak to a real-live human about my laundry list of cell phone problems. (It felt really weird walking into the mall, by the way.) It didn't take the humans in the T-Mobile cage long to hit on the key problem--something that an infinite number of specialized specialists in targeted departments deep in the bowels of T-Mobile's escalating customer service maze couldn't seem to figure out.

"Ohhhh," said the perky young sales boy with a shrug and a wink, "This Nokia phone doesn't really work with the HotSpot."

Ten words! Ten words could have gotten me past my connection problems a year ago!

So, to make a long story even longer, I had to trade in my defective Nokia for a shiny new Blackberry. I'm not even close to being disciplined enough to go without a phone for 11 months. And yes, I had to pay some money for it, so it was probably (okay definitely) a purchase. Consumerism got a little victory over me today after only 26 days.

And if my guilt wasn't enough, I got a punishing slap when the helpful sales boy preceded to permanently delete more than 60 of my contacts in my phone. (You better text me your phone number with your name because I probably don't have it any more.)

The T-Mobile boy did promise that this phone would last "forever" and I would love it more than I've ever loved a phone before ever in my whole life because this is the phone he uses and he loves it more than he has ever loved a phone ever in his whole life. (Granted, his life has really not been all that long.)

This phone better be good.


KC said...

I think you are justified. A phone is a necessity. If your car breaks down and you need a new item for your engine, you would not think twice about it. A phone for you--a single, independent working women--is that important. I would excuse this without another thought.

KL said...

I think this is hilarious! Secretly you had to know that you'd have to buy something?! I especially love the part about the kid stating it's the best phone he's ever had in his life. Probably at 17 it is the only phone he's ever had! Hope you love the phone. I am personally disappointed that you didn't just cancel the internet and cell phone and live in the dark ages. It would have make the story more interesting. Ha! Just kidding. Maybe you could just give away an extra item to make up for the one you bought.

DeLaina said...

Definitely a must have to survive...the deal's still on.