Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Fairy Shoveled My Driveway

I have the most incredible fairies watching out for me. Tonight a snow fairy shoveled my driveway. And my sidewalk. And my porch. I don't even think it was the same fairy who stained my fence this fall, just another amazing fairy who made my night.

She must be one tough fairy, able to wield an oversized snowblower and a heavy snow shovel. Maybe she's a superhero fairy. (What? It could happen. Or, maybe she is really Robin.)

Now I just need to find the fairy who bakes yummy cookies for all the other fairies and have her make some for me to give out to say thanks.

1 comment:

Bebe said...

Why do you get all the fairy visits? I want the make-all-the-beds-before-lunch fairy to make an appearance at my house! Can you put in a word for me???