Thursday, January 8, 2009

Put That Down Right Now. This Mountain is NOT a Toy.

I'm convinced I live in a snow globe on top of this mountain and someone won't quit shaking it.

I drove up the hill tonight on completely dry roads, singing songs from the Juno soundtrack at the top of my lungs, and not even watching for deer. I bounced over to my friend's house to play bunko with the neighborhood girls on this sparkly and sorta warm (40 degree) night.

But be warned: you can never, ever let your guard down up here.

Before we even had a chance to get started with the game, we looked out the window and realized we couldn't even see across the street. The wind had whipped up and the snow had blown in and all-of-a-sudden we were in the middle of a good ol' Little House on the Prairie-type blizzard. It was like someone had filled the snow globe with swirling powdered sugar and was whipping it around with abandon.

One of the women lives down the mountain in Sandy, so she grabbed her things and determinedly headed out. Within 20 minutes she was back at the door with the news that a trip down that mountain right now was impossible, and she needed to bunk in the snow globe with the rest of us. The news put a quick end to the dice party and we were pushed by the wind into our cars to try to make it the several blocks home.

Feeling like Mr. Magoo, I pasted my face as close to the windshield as I could get and inched my way to my house in a total white out.

Now I'm just hoping the fun is over soon and whoever is shaking this globe will get distracted by some other interesting toy. I'm sure there's a hurricane on an island somewhere that would be fun to play with.


Bebe said...

Shake it, Baby! I love the snow. Nothing better than getting snowed in and drinking cocoa by the fire. Throw some cookies in the oven and call it a night!

Better yet, inch your way over here and we'll play on the wii!

Jodi R. said...

I want you to know that I quite often read your blog and find it fascinating. Olivia has an interesting twist on her daily life.

DeLaina said...

As long as the big baby doing the shaking doesn't decide that landslides would be the next major fun thing to do...Mud pies!!!