Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Being a Nut Beats Going Nuts

I'm having a love affair with pine nuts. It all began when I got an impossibly big bag of the little suckers from Costco. I started with the expected: fresh pesto. I love that stuff. Then I moved on to adding them to stir fry, which was also unexpectedly delicious. These jewels are tender and a little sweet and crisp. Perfect for stir fry. I'm not going to Google this idea and just pretend that I made it up. I sprinkled them on oatmeal...yummy. I poured them in a smoothie...nice and nutty. And I baked them into brownies...not bad.

I even fed some to the cute duck couple who have taken up residence in my back yard. I'm not sure they were as thrilled with the pine nuts as I am. I think they were under the distinct impression I was throwing the tiny nuts AT them instead of TO them. They scurried out of their private pond and started hiking up the snow bank. So I quit raining down pine nuts and backed up quietly.

Which brings me to another subject that's unrelated, but on my mind. What do I feed wild ducks? I've heard you shouldn't feed them bread. I've read something about cracked corn, but I don't know where to get that and I don't know where Jimmy lives. (Okay, bad joke, but bonus points if you get it.)

Maybe tomorrow I'll hit the feed store. And Costco for more pine nuts.


Bebe said...

Jimmy cracked corn and I don't care!

I love those pine nuts, too! They're best if you toast them in the shell (salt them first)... I'm not sure which is better--the warm, soft, freshly toasted nut, or the wintry, clean smell of the pine that fills the house!

lisa said...

See...birds are fun!!! I didn't know about the bread though. I've fed the ducks at Wheeler Farm entire loaves of bread and they are definitely not getting fewer in number at the farm! Good luck to you and Jimmy cracking corn, those ducks will never want to leave!

honeypiehorse said...

Great in salad with goat cheese!