Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chasing Away the Winter Blues

Because I'm freaking out and feeling sorry for myself about this slap-you-in-the-face winter weather, I decided to try to come up with ten things I like in the winter.

Here goes:

1. My instant gratification fireplace. I love curling up by it, reading a good book, and dreaming about summer.
2. Taco soup. I'll admit that taco soup is pretty good any time of year, but it's the perfect thing to chase away the winter chills.
3. Electric blankets. I absolutely love turning my blanket up to high a few minutes before I get in. It's so toasty and comforting. Almost as good as having a man in there warming the bed up--almost.
4. Hot baths. I'm a year-round bather, but a hot bubble bath is even more enticing in the winter.
5. Pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream. This is a sweet indulgence I save for this time of year.
6. Skiing. I don't ski nearly as much as I used to or as much as I wish I could, but skiing is definitely a winter bonus. I remember years when skiing was so high up on my agenda that I would be thrilled to see the first snow flurries and feel joyfully excited waiting for that first run of the year. My friends and I would meet at the quad (a big, open grassy area at my university) during the first snowfall of the year and dance around with glee, catching the snowflakes on our tongues and thinking about all the perfect ski days to come. I'm going to try to tap into some of that excitement again this year.
7. No more yard work. I love the thought of the alfalfa patch getting covered with snow so I don't have to think about it until spring. No more lawn mowing or weed pulling. Let's not think about snow shoveling.
8. Coffee. I drink coffee all the time too, but there is something visceral about it during the winter. I love holding the hot mug and breathing in the rich aroma. It's only during winter I have to remind myself to stop drinking it by noon or I'll never sleep.
9. My red and green down blanket. I love this blanket. It's soft and fluffy and cosy and comfortable. Plus, my sister Heidi gave it to me so I love it.
10. Candles. I love lighting candles during the winter. I like them everywhere--on my nightstand, on the side of the tub, on the kitchen counter--wherever I can put one.
11. Sledding down the hill behind my house with my nephews. It's fun, they love it, and we get to cuddle up, drink hot chocolate, and read stories after.

So there is even one extra. Please tell me all your winter favorites. I'm going to need some new ones to help get me through.


DeLaina said...

You named almost all of mine (minus the skiing).

I love that it gets dark by 7:00 and the kids don't argue about going to bed...because it's dark can debate that? If it's dark you go to bed regardless of what the clock says.

I love that the snow erases the ugly and equalizes everything. Everything looks beautiful w/snow on it, whether it's a perfectly manicured lawn or an alfalfa patch.

It signals the winding down of the lawn season for us, which means more time with the kids, which I love.

Teresa said...

You forgot about snowshoeing! How could you fail to mention our snowshoing adventures in Suncrest! It's gotta be the best place to shoe in the whole state of Utah. Just don't start off from my front porch, huh? Maybe that's why you failed to mention it.

By the way, I love the photos! Hard to believe you have winter when it's very summer-like in Georgia. I hear Alta calling my name!!

Rich said...

It's very hard for me to be happy about Winter, but in the spirit of good will, how about Doughnuts in the parking lot..wooo hooo

wenderful said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Yes, I did realize that that survey was skewed. I had read about the author and knew he was anti-Obama when I took it. But it did jump start my research and I ended up reading lots about both candidates. My sister, who is pro-Obama sent me links and I was able to find "neutral" sources to pull from. And although I really wish we had someone else to choose from, my decision did not change. I am hoping my post helped jump start anyone who was still undecided to start thinking a little more about the election.
I saw you read Fatty's blog. He was my brother-in-law's mission companion (or roommate. I can't remember which). He has a great family, and a great blog.

Olivia said...

You are right Teresa, I didn't mention snowshoeing. And that is a winter activity that has been high up on my list. But I'm still a little broken-hearted that my best snowshoeing friend moved somewhere warm, so it's not in my top ten (or eleven) for a while.

Christie said...

Yeah, your list is great. But it's OCTOBER. How can you find any good things about snow in October?

Oh, wait. You kind of have to since you can't change it. I'm so sorry for you UT people. That just stinks.