Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Question of Love

This commentary by Keith Olbermann about the vote on Proposition 8 in California is the best one I have seen. I hope that, regardless of how you feel about this issue, you will watch this commentary and listen with your heart. He puts into words many of the things I have been thinking and was too angry and too emotional and too heartbroken about that vote to say myself.


dug said...

amen sister. amen and amen. keith speaks the truth.

KL said...

I don't agree with your friend Keith here, but you would already know that! =)

So, like you, I will just smile and shake my head because we are complete polar opposites when it comes to politics and religion.

But through it all!! You are an awesome friend that I could not live without!

SingItSistah said...

Robin here, I find his loving heart compelling but it is not the same ... black vs. gay... not apples and apples.

I believe that in the pursuit of happiness, anyone can love and give their family rights to whomsoever they choose -- but that the term "Marriage" is a form of respect for the natural union that continues our species and as such deserves its own term.

In this case, natural biologically-induced unions had the name "Marriage" first -- so "Civil Union" should be fine for the other types of human relationships which are proffered the same legal benefits, without rancor or stigma.

I just plain respect people, and love them and want them to be happy and have a life. But there is a difference and that is also OK to acknowledge. Not to hate.

Unless you are in NAMBLA in which case I will proffer my husband's 308 if you come near my kid.

Well I know this is probably boring but I did not like the way Prop 8 was worded.

Can there not be a middle ground . . . Could there not be an establishemnt of ...

the Partner Doctrine or some such thing?

I love your blog! Bye now!

Dana said...

I still don't see why this was up for a vote. Could you imagine if all of our rights were up to a vote? I'm sure we would still have slavery and women would not have all their rights.