Monday, March 8, 2010

Don't Crash for at Least Two Days

Speaking of cars, I'm the proud owner of a shiny new windshield. It's so damn exciting. I looked around at all the different styles of windshields and waited until the perfect day to make the long-awaited purchase. I will certainly miss the pleasure of shopping for windshields, but I suppose there is always next year when the helpful safety inspector will get his "rejected" stamp out again. I know it seemed like no one could see that little crack hidden behind the mirror, but thankfully the safety inspector guy found it in the nick of time.

The girl at the glass shop was very helpful as well. She was careful to tell me as I was leaving with my sparkly new purchase installed, that I should: leave the tape on the windshield for 24 hours, not go through high-pressure car washes for a couple of days, and be sure to not get in any crashes.

"Don't get in a wreck for at least the next couple of days," she said, "because the windshield could pop out."

"Great advice," I told her. "I'll try my hardest to not get in a crash for the next two days, or for the rest of my life."


Bebe said...

What kind of fun is that? No pressure washes AND no crashes. You're gonna be bored to tears for the next 48 hours! So sorry! :)

KL said...

My...that is sound advice! You know, you could ALWAYS MOVE TO WYOMING~ No more safety inspectors, and no one cares if your have 1000 cracks in your windshield or if you had one at all. Problem solved...=)