Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Snow Globe Welcome Home

I got welcomed home from a work trip to Indianapolis by a three-foot drift across my driveway. I had to climb my way through in snow up to my crotch just to get into the garage and snow-blow my way out. So, after a long four days of travel and work, more than 9 hours of traveling today and an hour of snowblowing and digging, I'm finally home. I cut a swath through the drift only about as wide as my car, drove in, and shut the garage. I'm hoping by the time I wake up the snow will be gone. Or, more realistically, I'll deal with the rest of this drift tomorrow night.

I'm just making it known that I am DONE with winter. It's the times like tonight that I'm this close to abandoning the snow globe all together.


KL said...

Well, that explains why you haven't been answering your phone! And just so you know, the snow here melted last week and we've been having nice warm sunny weather! Come visit any time ;)

Bebe said...

I would have invited you over for warm treats and delightful snacks. We could have waited out the storm watching sappy movies... I wish you had been here! Enough with the travel!