Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ALWYSL8, Will You Wait?

I'll keep it short tonight because the beautiful, funny, smart, and humble dinner club babes kept me out late.

Speaking of late (kinda), I had to note this. Tonight I saw a vanity plate that said ALWYSL8.

Really? I'm thinking that means "always late," but I can't really figure out the point of that. Either her husband is constantly annoyed because she's always late and made her get that plate as punishment, or she is really proud of the fact that she is always late. Could be that she's trying to change and she thinks if she advertises this to the world she will be embarrassed into being on time for a change.

I can only guess. But it seems like it's not really the kind of habit you would want to affirm.

I think people who are always late might be a little narcissistic. They think their time is a lot more important than the time of the people they keep waiting. Their lateness is a way to control their out-of-control lives. But you can bet if someone gave them a million dollars to be on time they would be. Probably even $50 would do it.

I'm not directing this toward those occasionally-a-few-minutes-late people or this would just be a lecture for myself. I'm not even thinking about those people who are usually several minutes late. (DeLaina, I'm not thinking of you being late to dinner club tonight either. Except if you are late like that again you at least have to flick my ear or something to let me know you have arrived!! You know it's all about me, me, me.)

I'm talking about those chronically very late people you have to adjust starting times for. You know the ones. You have to tell them that things start an hour before you actually want them to show up. Then they are almost on time when they arrive an hour and a half after the pretend start time.

I think I'm just talking to the ALWYSL8 lady on the freeway today. She did race past me going fast. Hmm. Maybe she's late for something...just a hunch.

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DeLaina said...

K good! Cuz u no it's all about me, Me, ME!!! I heart being late and having all the other girls notice me (unless ur Wendy, but I'm still blessed to have you for my friend, seriously, and I would not flick you because the scritchers tell us to love one another, but that's not even the most important reason: MANI!! Ewww! Might chip my expecially gorgeous nails!) and want to be me. FUN!!!

Love ya!

No, seriously. I hate being late and do my best to be on time, but sometimes when my day is planned to the minute, any little unscripted interruption throws me off.