Sunday, August 31, 2008

The List

I broke down and put my list of give-away items on my sidebar because everyone keeps asking me about it. But it's an embarrassing list and seems extremely puny and unimportant. When this unnecessary stuff is written down in a list, it makes it even more evident to me that this stuff is completely irrelevant. I'm hoping that documenting the silly nature of my junk will be the impetus I need to do something more, give something more, and try harder to make a difference that will actually have an impact on someone. For me this little exercise of finding something to give away every day just serves as a daily reminder that I want to find ways to make the world a better place. For now it's simply meditation and serves me much more than it serves anyone else. But maybe eventually it will help me to find something bigger to do. I hope so.


Teresa said...

Your "exercise" makes me think a lot about what I have, what I need and what should go out the door. The one thing moving does is force you to touch every item you own, from paper clips to weed wacker. Someone we both know once said she heard that "three moves equals one house fire.". Nope, not even close! Yesterday the trip to Goodwill, inspired by YOU to free myself of too much, was very liberating. Something a house fire could never do. Thank you!

Olivia said...


I'm glad you are feeling settled enough to figure out what stuff you don't need there. That's a good sign. Do you have a new email address yet? I miss you.

I've been feeling a tiny bit guilty about giving Dana the beautiful little pocket rosary you gave me, but I know it will mean so much to her. And although I would think about you every time I saw it in my purse, I don't really need any physical reminders to think of you.

Teresa said...

I have to admit at first I had this feeling that the pocket rosary did not mean anything to you. That maybe you were making light of this obviously Catholic "trinket". Then I realized how perfect, no matter what the intent, to give this away. The recipient may not understand the significance of my faith in God and Jesus' sacrifice. But then none of us can truly grasp it. Faith is not easily understood. And when it comes down to it the pocket rosary is just a piece of metal.

I'm glad you don't need a physical reminder to think of me. Hopefully, the pocket rosary will remind Dana, or whoever ends up with it, of Someone greater!

Anonymous said...

I just want you guys to know that my husband has taken the pocket rosary and carries it every day to work. He has been really struggling lately. His job has been on the rocks and he has never been in this position before. He has really struggled with his confidence and he said that the rosary has given him strength and confidence to get through his day. So for that, thank you so much!

Teresa said...

Wow! Now I understand why this was meant for you. I love the faith we share and know that you will get through this. It was a wonderful thing for Wen....uh, Olivia to give you the pocket rosary. It is a good reminder of what/Who we need to be holding on to. You are in my prayers.