Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Hat Trick

I would like to award some Olympic medals of my own for craziest head wear.

BRONZE: The bronze medal goes to the track cyclists with this Star Trekkie little number.

SILVER: The silver medal has to go to the shrieking women's fencing team with their Darth Vader masks.

GOLD: And the gold medal goes to the ear-muff baby bonnets of the water polo team. Grrr. Sexy!

Ladies and Gentlemen. Please stand for the national hat anthem, "My Easter Bonnet."


Laura said...

Love the Gold,"ear muff bonnets", lol.

KC said...

I will agree with all but the bronze. That helmet definitely makes them faster and it is not even that outrageous when you look at what is on the market for TT or track helmets. But it made me laugh anyway.

Teresa said...

Having lived in Wisconsin for 12 years I'd say the cheese head is an odd head covering. But with a brat and beer in hand it makes total sense. How 'bout dem Packers!