Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lizard Lips

My nephews and I found the cutest little, fattest little, shyest little lizard today in my backyard. It turns out he is a horny toad. You can see info here. He ran up and down our arms and walked around on our legs. He was just about as cute as my two nephews and their friend PJ. The boys named him Larry and loved the tickley feeling of his little toes on their palms. I hope he stays in my yard even though we scared him with our gentle examination.


Laura said...

You are great with the pictures! I have got to learn that.

Olivia said...

Yep. Taken with my phone. Pretty fancy, huh? I'll teach you. It's easy.

DeLaina said...

Larry? LOL Where did they come up with that? Thanks for having Peej over-he loves to go to We-yen-dy's.