Saturday, June 28, 2008

Meanderific Words

Here are some new and incredibly descriptive words provided by the multi-talented Quincie Bean. Webster's will be picking these up any time.

1. Weirtarded: That thing you call your big brother when he dresses like he's English and acts both weird and retarded. Also can be used to describe WalMart clothing choices.

2. Meanderific: Used to describe the journey when it starts out meandering and unplanned and ends with something terrific and extraordinary. (Like today's shopping trip ending at Pirate O's.)

3. Crapolatte: Best used in the place of f*** or S*** or whoops-a-daisy.

4. Lamesauce: What I am because I can't seem to remember this word long enough to even go home and blog about it. This one was contributed by Quincie's friend Alexa.

These are better than anything taught in Shakespearean slam class. Now you have, "Crapolatte, you are such a weirtarded lamesauce" at your fingertips.

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