Friday, July 11, 2008

Blogging About Blogging

I know it's weird to blog about blogging. I guess I think it makes it less weird if I go ahead and acknowledge it first.

I did it! I blogged for 30 days in a row. Today is day 30.

It has been a challenging exercise for me. Most nights I had no idea if anything would come out at all and a few nights it was a struggle to decide which of several topics to pursue. It has been self-indulgent and a little narcissistic, but also an interesting dive into my own psyche. I'm surprised how dependent I have become on comments and feedback. I wasn't even sure at first if I was going to tell anyone about it. Then, as the word got around and a few people started to comment, I couldn't get enough. Comments became like gold and I couldn't wait to read them--I still can't wait to read them.

The best part for me has been the interactions it has brought about with my friends. It opened interesting dialogue with several and with others it's been a fun, mutually blogarrific club of sorts. I love it when people give me ideas about things they think I should blog about.

I guess I'll keep doing it, just maybe not every day. We'll see.


DeLaina said...

WHAT? I'm pretty sure you made a goal to blog for 300 days every day...what will I do w/out my Wendy blog fix every night?

Here's what I like about your blog-the variety of topics you post about. They are not just an itinerary of what you did during the day, nor do they all just center around the types of topics.

You're witty, eloquent and interesting all in one.

Laura said...

Nooooooo!!!! You can't stop daily, what will I read before bed?