Friday, July 4, 2008


I wish I had some insightful political high horse to ride off on today, but it's hard to be deep and philosophical just five hours before the Hannah Montana concert. I'm taking my cute-as-hell 7-year-old nephew and he's pretty excited, so I'm pretty excited too. Just in case you are wondering, no, I didn't grab up these tickets during the 37-second frenzy when they were actually on sale. I got them as a perk with my new jobby job. (So far this job rocks. Four days of work = paid time off today, free party tonight.)

This whole Hannah-arama makes me realize just what a hypocrite I am. I mock pop-culture and yet could answer any and every question on a pop-culture trivia challenge. I claim to care about the environment as I drive off in my SUV. I make fun of America's blatant consumerism as I run to Costco for just a few mega-things. I criticize WalMart and Starbucks and McDonald's and All-a-Dollar while I sit back and watch as Zions closes the little SunCrest Market. I worry about world hunger as I throw away half a box of spoiled strawberries.

But rather than getting eaten up by all the guilt and doing nothing, I'm trying to make a few changes. I gave up my bottled water habit. I stopped using plastic shopping bags. I've gotten religious about recycling. I turned up the thermostat on my air-conditioner and turned down the frequency on my lawn watering schedule. I think really hard before I buy anything and try to either get things second hand or do without. I'm changing out my incandescent light bulbs with CFLs. I mostly stopped watching TV.

I know these things are tiny and kind of pathetic, but every little bit helps I think. Hopefully bigger changes are on the horizon for me.

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Dana said...

Imagine if 300 million people made the same small changes you have.