Sunday, July 13, 2008

This is NOT Edward

So, here is the problem I have with THIS guy being Edward. Some kid shows up at school and he looks like this


and people are bound to think he looks a little like, what................A VAMPIRE!!! You are telling me that someone this creepy looking is going to get away with hanging out in science class?

Yep. The rest of it I totally buy.

Hey, at least Clark Kent had glasses and Hannah Montana has what? A wig? I'm not really sure about that. I asked Google, "Why don't Hannah Montana's friends recognize her?" and I read something about a wig.

But anyway, this is not Edward. I'm being driven right into the arms of Jacob.


Laura said...

I never got through all the books. Who is the cute guy on the far right? I'm going for him.

Goth guy never did do it for me. That's a sad representation of someone who is supposed to be solid and sexy.

DeLaina said...

Ick. And I'm an Edward girl. This is definitely not the version that played in my head as I read the books. So, just WHY weren't we consulted prior to casting????

Natalie said...

hear hear!!!

Olivia said...

Yep. The far right is Jacob. Laura, I'm thinking you are probably a Jacob girl.

Laura said...

Definately a Jacob girl, very nice!