Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ugly American

It's big news here in America: Angelina Jolie is in the hospital in France to prepare for the delivery of her twins. Hundreds of journalists are already camping out near the hospital in Nice and Angelina's doctor decided to give a press conference. It's really so damn exciting. No other news in the world could be bigger or more important than this.

Fox News was there, of course, with microphones in hand. But a lot of good that did them. The press conference was in French, and it just so happened that nobody there from Fox spoke French.

But really, who would have expected that a French doctor giving a press conference in France would speak.....FRENCH?

Obviously not Fox. They couldn't understand a word he was saying and rather than break the story immediately they had to send their feed back to headquarters and try to round up someone who could actually speak something other than ugly American.


DeLaina said...

Les fous!!! Les betes!!! C'est ridiculeux qu'il n'y avait personne qui parlait francais!!! I would have volunteered:-)

Laura said...

I really wanted to post a comment today since you love them. But come on, give me something to work with LOL! I'm speechless. How bad is it that I had no idea she was even pregnant, I'm so out of touch.

Olivia said...

Yeah. Who knew? I'm surprised you don't have your priorities straight Laura. Don't you know that this kind of story is worth millions and absolutely should eclipse every other news story for weeks? We Americans need to be informed, we need to have breaking details every minute and updates have to run constantly on the ticker. Frankly, I can't see why we would need to know anything else.