Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lawn Mowing Show

Every time I go out to mow my lawn, the guy in the house above me grabs a beer and sits out on his back steps to watch. It's unnerving. It's like my lawn mower is his siren's call for a little lawn-mowing show. I would think it was a coincidence, but it's happened four weeks in a row now. And believe me, I don't need any other incentives NOT to do yard work. It's all I can do to make myself go out there and mow in the first place. Couple that with his obvious staring and it's a pretty unbearable experience. Today I went out to mow—he came out. I went in—he went in. I went out to weed—he came out. I went in—he went in.

I told one of my guy friends about it and he couldn't understand what was creepy about it. He said he would love it if the neighbor lady wanted to watch him mow his lawn.

So there you have it. One other difference between men and woman. Or maybe it's just me. Girls (and guys), help me out here. Creepy or not creepy?


DeLaina said...

Definitely CREEPY! We need an acronym for him like UNG. How about PYS...psycho yardwork stalker?

Laura said...

Vote for creepy here too. Flattering a bit?

DeLaina said...

So I learn today that Heather Stone Circle has a litany of acronyms representing various characters in the suburbia ghetto of Eagle Crest. We SO have to discuss this at Dinner Club.

Dana said...