Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bless His Heart

It seems that the gloves are off. Nancy Pelosi just called Bush a "total failure." But we all already knew that was true. In fact, I think failure doesn't go nearly far enough.

Seems Nancy is getting a little tired of sweeping up after Bush. And to be fair, she did say, "bless his heart."

I've noticed that usually works. You can say anything about anyone as long as you say "bless his/her heart" afterward. For example: "That Marta up the street is such a slut. She's sleeping with everyone in the neighborhood...bless her heart."

You know how it goes. It's said while shaking your head a little and sometimes includes a little tongue click.

"Joe sure does think he is something else. He struts around like he owns the place...bless his heart."

Or how about this: (It combines the pretend joviality cover-up right along with the "bless her heart" finish.) "That Mary makes me laugh so hard. She walks around in a sleeveless top drinking coffee and sometimes even smoking...bless her heart."

Adding the two techniques together makes just about anything you say nice.

So, I say, go Nancy. Keep telling it like it is, but just smile and keep throwing in a "bless his heart" every once in a while and no one will be the wiser.

"That Bush is a war-mongering, incompetent, shyster...bless his heart."

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Anonymous said...

Our detachment sergeant recently asked me if I'd like to have my picture taken with "W". With half of the office watching and listening, I repectfully declined. Wish I'd thought to add, "bless my heart," at the end of my delicate refusal.