Monday, July 7, 2008

The Jonas Brothers Trump Miley Cyrus

My nephew, Jeremy, had a great idea the other night at the Stadium of Fire. As we were waiting impatiently in the 100 degree heat to go in to the stadium, he looked up at me and said, "When we get in there let's find your president and tell him to get the Jonas Brothers to come sing instead of Miley Cyrus."

I told him that was a great idea and made a mental note to figure out who the Jonas Brothers were. I told Jeremy that unfortunately this year it was too late for the Jonas Brothers to come, so we were stuck with Miley. "Well then, let's find your president and tell him that next year when we come, we want to see the Jonas Brothers."

Another great idea.

So, after a long night of funny blue men, a screechy teenager prancing around the stage and flipping her hair, and a spectacular fireworks show that left us covered in ashes, we were finally walking back to our car when Jeremy said, "Wait. We didn't tell your president about my great idea to get the Jonas Brothers next year."

I guess I better go meet the president and give him a message from Jeremy.


DeLaina said...

LOL He is so funny! So, just who is "your" president anyway?

DeLaina said...

HEY! 45 minutes left til the end of the day. Where's your post? I linked you on my blog-finally! Sorry it took so long. Honestly, I spend my days sitting on the couch eating bon bons. Where DOES the time go???

Olivia said...

Whew! Just made it in under the wire. Hey! Can I have a few of those bon bons? It's really time you started doing something productive. :)